Notary Near You

Don’t work with this company. They will use anything to get out of paying you. Wasted trips and correct signing, these folks are really bad.

Tom R.

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Worked with this company for years. They sometimes take up to 60 days, but they do pay.

I agree. Yes, the have volume, but there work ethics …not good.

I have worked with them for many years and never had a problem getting paid.

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I gave them 5 stars in NR Signing Central over three years ago. Mixed reviews up to about six months ago … then downhill afterwards, with many one-star reviews. Thanx for the head’s up … “stuff” like this happens all the time with SS whose wheels came off.

no problem with Notary Near You – do notaries for them 4to 5 a week!

I’ve done a few signings for them. Decent pay, paid quickly with no problems. On my OK list.