Notary Network, LLC

Has anyone ever worked for Notary Network, LLC on Signing Order, and had payment issues??? As a single parent and new notary this is very frustrating. A service was rendered, and I am only sure that they have been paid for services. After multiple attempts to have this issue resolved, still no payment, and at this point I honestly feel as though they are not going to pay. Frustrating!!!

Send a email to customer service. Tell them the signing company is not compliant. They will regulate.

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Thank you! I did reach out to, and although they were very kind and speedy in their reply, they confirmed that they do NOT regulate. I should also add… I received one payment yesterday via e-check, ironically right after reaching out to, and reaching out here. I still have one payment overdue.


I have not been paid for a signing completed September 3rd. I have emailed them and posted comments in Snapdocs twice. I will not accept signings from them in the future.

I have two outstanding payments due as well. The assignments were in last week of August and first week of September. When you call you just reach a full voicemail. Have you spoken to anyone directly and/or corresponded by email with anyone in particular who might be giving you the run around? I will be ramping up, my reaching out to them and to SigningOrder, this week. Crossing my fingers for the both of us!

I’ve done a few signings from them and I did have to send a couple invoices and called them but they did pay. I just did a signing for them today so hopefully I don’t get the run around on payment for this one. :roll_eyes:

I have the same issue. so unprofessional

Same! I did one on December 22nd and have sent two friendly reminder invoices. This is my oldest unpaid signing and I would like to get this closed out. Ugh! This is not a good way to treat people earning money for your company. Terrible!

This happened to me and I had done two signings with them. I finally got payment after 70 days but marked them in my scheduler to not accept offers from them again. I accidentally accepted one from them while out and when I got home, I noticed and chose to have it reassigned. I don’t like having to chase after payments.

I worked with them now about 4X. Each time I email them my invoice after 30 days as they request you do and then I send a follow up email 2 days after I send the invoice and they always send me my E-Check either the same day or next day. I do not like that I have to follow up each every time but I have been paid each time.

I have not had any luck collecting fees for a signing that is now 56 days old. I’ve sent 5 invoices and left voice messages. So frustrating and time consuming.