Notary not getting paid: Notary’s 24-7

I did a boat loan signing for Notary’s 24-7 I have not been paid. I tried to contact them but no answer. I spoke to title and they were so helpful. They told me the following.
“I am going to reach out to the Notary place first thing and tell them if they don’t pay you, you have an option to file a Notice of Claim of lien against the boat, in which the lender that hired them, will not be happy… I bet they’ll pay then, I’m also going to let the lender know. You need to be paid.”

Don’t let these companies cheat you out of your fee. You work hard and it’s not as easy to earn money as it was a year ago.

Did you send them a email? They usually respond quickly.
They always paid me took about 60 days.

Yes I did and no response after a week. Shouldn’t take so long. I’m not going to do work for them again. 40 days is long. 60 days is ridiculous. No way to do business. .