Notary On The Run AKA Jen’s Elite Notary Services

Has anybody worked with Notary On The Run? They called me over a month ago. They did not have a contact number for the signer. I was asked to just go and when I went to the appointment the person who answered the door said they were renting and had never met the owner. I was told I would get a print/travel fee. I haven’t received a payment and when I emailed them today my email was “bounced” back. And they arent responding to my phone calls. In 14 years as a notary this has never happened to me before.

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NotaryRotary has them listed as ‘out of business’ and 1.5 stars. If you have never worked for someone you might consider looking them up on one of the referral sites like NotaryRotary before going out or accepting an assignment from them.


I will keep that in mind for the next time. Thank you!

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Ugggg… I should have checked with this sight before i completed a signing for them. It was on 8-13-20. I think they’ve ghosted me.

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I’d like to say that I am the owner of Notary On the Run In Arizona and I work very hard for my reputation and take this very seriously. I have never not paid our Notaries or sent our Notaries out on an assignment without paying them. So please be specific w the company and state. I am always available and have never not answered my phones. Thank you kindly Sandy Urpman