Notary portal?

Is notary portal a scam like hire notary??

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Never heard of Notary Portal. If they want you to pay for a listing in their database - yes. Its a scam.


why do you say its a scam? so every business asking to pay is a scam? let me know!

If you’re looking to get work from a specific company…any company…you should not have to pay to be included in that company’s database of approved notary signing agents.

Fees paid such on this site, and on Notary Rotary, 123Notary, etc. charge a fee to advertise for you. So yes, there should be a fee depending on level of “exposure” and “advertising reach”. But you never pay a SS or title company to work for them.


ok. thanks for the info. i have a few companies that contact me via email and it always seem to be a fee attached. do you use or heard of usdirectory?

No, sorry, can’t say I have - but any I get in an unsolicited email I mark as spam

Maybe someone else here has heard of them and will chime in

I received an email from them. $40 that I won’t be paying to them.
They claim to get you high-dollar signings:
Loan signing: Overnight Documents|$150.00
Loan signing: E-docs|$200.00
Travel fee: 6-10 miles|$15.00
Travel fee: 11-20 miles|$25.00
Travel fee: 21-30 miles|$35.00
Travel fee: 30-50 miles|$50.00

Let’s TRY something… Anyone who has received and gotten paid from one of these companies ( who Charge )…please POST and let us be informed.

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US Directory is definitely a scam! They called me non stop for about 3 weeks. I had to block them after researching them on the Better Business Bureaus website.

Just got the same email this morning. I’ve gone ahead and blocked their emails now. Lol

I paid I tried to reach them for 3 days now. no one answer the call. they ask you to leave a voicemail. Which I did but to no avail there is no account no email follow-up. I would say they are a scam 100%.

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IDK Im tring to find out if its a scam also, it seems to Good to be true. I recieved an email to register so I went straight to my peoples in Notary Cafe to get the FACTS and the facts turn out to be real WACK! Notary Portal most likey a scam! dang it there prices were poppin.

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Thanks for sharing! I was not willing to pay.

Ugh! What I should have done was come my people at Notary Cafe as well. Instead I paid for Hire Notary, as I was a very impressionable newby, and have yet to hear ANYTHING from them as of June '21. Since then, my people here have informed me of their scam-ness. So, be wary of Hire Notary as well and watch out for SS you have to ‘pay into’.