Notary Rotary? Just a store or real?

I keep getting messages from this Company that my credentials are expired, which they aren't. I have never received a job from them, but they sell plenty of stuff. Anybody else with this experience?

Are you sure you mean Notary Rotary? I've been a member there for 11 years and have never received a notice like that. I've received this message from other listing services but never from NR.

Notary Rotary is a listing site who also provides supplies and insurance for notaries. It is not a signing company.

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NM- changed my mind.

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NR is good for many things, and I like SC as a resource, but the forums are dominated by a group of 12 or so, and they can be pretty darned vicious. I poke my head in once in a while - cautiously - because together they have like... 150 years... of invaluable experience they will share if one grovels humbly enough. But then I clear out and head back here.


I've received that message as well, Megagain, though my membership at NR is current and my credentials are all valid.

I get that message from time to time if I do not visit the site in 6 mos or so. I typically login to my account, modify my acct in some way (usually modify my address from Drive to Dr. or vice versa) to effectuate a change and I'm good for another 6 mos. I have the free membership.

We have never gotten a job from them. They are eliminating their basic membership and only going for the paid memberships. I don't know if they actually ever assign signings. Because of that we will not do the fee membership.

NotaryRotary is a Directory and excellent forum that still has free basic membership. Yes, you do have to log in so the database doesn't become stale, but, if you frequently login to the forum, you are automatically 'updated'. And, yes, they also do offer much in the way of notary supplies--seals, insurance, even toner.

However, the Notary 'search' feature defaults to a 30 mile radius (which can be manually re-set to 50 miles). Altho' I've been a basic member since its inception, due to the mileage limit, I rarely get any business from there.

Despite that limitation, it is the best site for getting a free reality-based education (from the 'school of hard knocks') and Signing Central--where companies are subjectively rated by notaries-- is absolutely invaluable to avoid non-payment and gain some insight into the companies that may call you. Someone mentioned earlier that a guesstimate is there's 150 years of experience feeding that site---wrong---I, alone, have 25 years experience (and still learning) and I'm not the most prolific poster there. My guesstimate would be 'thousands of years'.

And, yep, some members can be rough on newbies (and other members, for that matter), so my advice would be to just read it daily for quite a while and educate yourself before you make your first post. And use Signing Central...always.


Great Company to deal with !! Got lots of jobs....Love it, Love it!!!

I've been with NR for several years, I started with the free basic, now I have a paid account. I like the service, and the business. I agree sometimes it can get vicious on NR sometimes but that's the passion of the business. I've learned from those with 150 yr experience.

I've been with them for almost 20 years now, and I've never regretted being a member. I've gotten numerous jobs through them, and invaluable information to improve my business, and self as a signing agent, and Notary. They are a professional, and legitimate company to do business with.

They help me to built my business, lots of god information from people that has been in the business for long time, got lots of jobs from them.

Has anyone recently received work from any companies through the Notary Rotary premium (paid) service? I tried that for a month in 2015, didn’t get anywhere, so I cancelled it. Just wondering if there are signing agents regularly working with that platform. It looks like it was designed a very long time ago…

Notary Rotary is not a “platform” - it’s a listing site with a database of companies developed by notaries to help each other keep abreast of the good/bad/ugly. NR is an advertising site only with a side offering of supplies, insurance, education and, of course, the forum.

Your paid listing there put you up top of the list in your zip - as a basic member you’re down the bottom of the list…and depending on the number in your immediate area you could well not show up at all or be so low on the page hiring parties never get far enough down the list to get to you

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NR is a great “directory” - it is not a signing service. I have been doing this since 2003 - and have been a member since 2003. I love the forums - and I do get calls from Title Companies and SS stating they got my information from NR.