Notary Scammers 2022

Hello, I received a call from USA notaries this evening asking if I would perform a debt consolidation for a client in Michigan. We agreed to a fee, date and time. I received the email with 2 attachments, I opened attachments and thought they looked like someone slapped a table format on a word document and filled it in. Not professional at all so I started googling the company name WE LLC! Well, that company is non exsistent when it comes to debt consolidation, their phone number is fake and to top it off the name on the email is “Patrick Labreck”. You will find a lot of info on Patrick Labreck name under the Notary Scammers topic in Notary Cafe. This debt relief company is FAKE! Their email is fake, their phone # is fake. There is enough evidence that these people need to be charged for fraudulent activity. The only issue is, they change the company name often therefore don’t get caught! As of today, they are listed under USA Notaries so please be aware. They are stealing from people and will not pay you!


I stay away from anything that screams debt settlement…

I did work for this last September 2021 to the tune of $80 and STILL have not been paid. Don’t go near this co unless you don’t mind working for free.


YHR Signatures LLC

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This sounds exactly like RapidNotary24.7. After a signing I had to repeatedly call them and I actually got through with one of the numbers provided and they answered “World Energy”. I’m revisiting this site because I just got a call from “SpeedySign Notary” today. All the information they sent me is almost identical to the one from RapidNotary, which had the name “Patrick Labreck”. SpeedySign has “Adam Labreck”. I really think they’re the same group of scammers. I will be cancelling my upcoming signing. Be careful.

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I cancelled mine and advised the client to do a little research on the company before signing anything. She told me she was cancelling bc they called her, she never requested help…

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If you suspect elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation, you should report these concerns to the protective services agency where the elder lives. To find the reporting number for a specific state, visit the State Resources page.


They called me and used the name Jimmy Labreck. They even had an email with that name.

They called me and used the name Jimmy Labreck. I conducted a signing for these folks at the end of April 2022 and still have not received payment. I have sent them multiple invoices and I have called them and they promise to send the payment. I have called them multiple times. I have several different phone numbers for them. Every time I call a lady named Kim answers.

Sending out a confirming echo for some of the insights expressed above:

  1. Avoid debt consolidation signings.
  2. Research & vet your potential clients prior to providing your professional services.
  3. Perform a Search of the Notary Cafe database utilizing the Magnifying Glass (see image below) prior to providing your professional services.
  4. During the research & vet process utilize as many data elements as possible that you’ve gathered during their call/text for signing request.


Just performed a quick Search on the surname of those individuals & there is a FULL PAGE of threads about them. See the direct url results link:


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UPDATE: World Energy finally paid me on 7/29 after multiple calls to their customer service and many promises to pay. Here is the toll free number to their company. (800) 215-6560.

Thank you, I’ve been getting random scammers reaching out too.