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I’m a Signing Agent in Maryland and found it difficult to get any assignments in Maryland. I’m with Notary Cafe and Notary Dash, but still no orders. Any suggestion would be helpful.

Your market is nationwide, but as Maryland is an attorney-only state–unless you’re an attorney, you have a problem for Loan docs…which is a very slow market now anyway.

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@inkwellnotarypros do you have your TPL? That’s required in MD, I believe. If not, that could be the problem in getting loan work

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thank you for sharing this information

Hello Linda,

Thanks for sharing this information. Just so, that I’m clear, what does TPL mean

Title Producers License. But please do check this very carefully as I still think it 's real hard to do loan signings in MD without some attorney involvement. And, now that Linda mentioned it, yeah, TPL is required, TOO. I really think it’s because MD lawyers are overly zealous (read: greedy). 'Nuf said.

Thank you both for this information.

This is interesting because I just got an offer from a MD based signing service for a property being sold in MD, but the owners are, presently in Florida (a “Seller’s Only” pkg). The Service is TP Settlement Services LLC. Maybe this is why it’s being done in FL so to avoid the TPL issue. I’ll have to check the docs carefully and ensure the certifications are all FL based and not MD based or subject to MD laws.

I checked with the NNA hotline last night. Apparently, since the Notarizations are being conducted in Florida, I don’t need a TPL. A family is selling thier home in MD. Their son (and DIL) live in FL. Mom & Dad are presently in FL and will conduct the closing here. So, I have to ensure the closing package reflects the Mother and Father as the signers and not Son/DIL. Also, the “pre-printed” Notary Certs in the package should be “Florida” certs with Florida Language… Not MD certs. I’ll have to review that, once I get the pkg.

As of 8am this morning, the pkg is not yet ready.Signing is scheduled for 5:30p this afternoon. I will call the signing service in an hour to find out what’s going on.

Right you are! FL law applies. Do call and nicely ask for ‘early docs’ as it’s not uncommon to receive them as little as 2 hours before Appt.

You can use the MD certs provided they contain the 9 elements required in our FL certs - they probably don’t so will probably be easier (and neater) to just attach a FL cert…BUT let the company know you’re going to do that so they are aware of the additional page to be considered in recording fees. Also, I would put a diagonal line through the MD cert and write on it “See Attached Florida Compliant ack or jurat”, whichever applies.

I actually exchanged emails with him, this morning. Even he doesn’t have the docs from the title co. yet. He did say that they should reflect the names of the owners (Mom & Dad) and that if the certs were MD certs, I could cross them out and substitute my own. The pkg is only 12 pgs long, per Ty Pratt, so it shouldn’t take that long to review/print, etc.

Agreed. Most won’'t say, “The subscriber was either ______ personally known to me or _____ produced proper identification” and “Type of ID produced: _______________________”

Nor do they include " before me by means of ___ physical presence or ___ online notarization"

Have you signed up with snapdocs? how about general notary work

Hi. I am a Maryland notary. I have my TIPIC license and have never done a signing with an attorney. I have never been taught in any capacity to have an attorney present. I also have a fellow notary who is also an attorney, and she has never stated any of the sort. My suggestion is to sign up with more signing companies.
Yes, the market is slow in my area of Western Maryland. I hope this helps.

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