Notary Suite

Hello has anyone worked with notary suite?

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What an interesting name for a company.

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Yet another platform~~

Is this the same company? Not much info on prior post besides this:

I did a job for them. They called my cell. No issues, they paid within 2 weeks.

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I done several jobs with them and have no issues or complaints with them. Good people to work with. “Jakki” is the best…


That’s good to know. Thanks for sharing.

So grateful for Notary Cafe! I can search about a company and get my answer!


I was about to ask this question myself. I’m in Chicago and I received a call and instinctively was curious about the company. Thanks for all the responses. For the most part very positive.

Notary Suite is the signing platform for Nationwide Signing Services. If you receive an email to sign up that’s more than likely because the scheduler added you to the platform and they need your credentials for onboarding. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth to anybody, I get occasional orders from Notary Suite (Nationwide Signing Services, NOT National Signing service) and they are always good jobs that pay as agreed. Almost all the jobs I get came in by a phone call and the schedulers are always fair, friendly and helpful.

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