NotaryGo: do you get paid from them?

I did a few signings for NotaryGo and am a little concerned after reading the reviews.
Will they pay on time? I’ve asked them several times if they needed an invoice from me, but they didn’t respond.

I have not worked for them, because they only send me a “weekly pay” amount which is very low. Also, I don’t understand what they mean by “weekly pay.” Sorry I did not answer your question but thought I’d add what I have seen.

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“Weekly Pay” refers to the fact that you will be paid by the end of the week if you accept the amount they are suggesting. I always counter and get paid eventually.

I accepted one and will be doing it tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes haha.

I m just getting expert at declining their $30 to $60 cashout. In which they generously include office fee too.

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Nothing is as thrilling as paying them for closing a cash out. :wink:

I just got my first payment from them for a signing I did last week. It was an echeck. I didn’t counter and accepted the weekly pay which was only $60 . But I took it for experience as a newbie. I also received another signing from them today. Which is only an employee’s verification. So far so good with Notary Go.

I always get paid on time from Notary go