NotaryGO - What happened?

This is the second time since I became a loan signing notary (10 years ago) that this company has changed their name (if that is what they are doing). They were previously Nations Direct, then Notary Go. I stopped taking their jobs after my first year bc they pay cheap but expect high-end results from the notary. When they changed to Notary Go and sent me a job request, the email still said Nations Direct. When I called them on this, they said they were not Nations Direct - even though all their paperwork said Nations Direct. They have always seemed like a hot mess to me and not worth the bother.


I have only been signing since February and have not excepted one job from them. They have even called me directly. They are too cheap. Even as a newbie my rock bottom was $75.00

I received a notification from them today on a signing in my area.

I spoke with someone at Notary Go yesterday. They told me that their cloud service is down with no ETA. They are handling some work the old school way - paper and phone calls. I was just reading about the ransomware attack on Cloudstar (cloud service) that happened July 16, 2021. Notary Go is probably one of their clients. They have over 42,000 clients so Notary Go is not the only client that has been affected by the attack. :frowning:

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I cannot update my licenses. I only get an error message. Is it really true that they are only paying $40 per signing?!?

I spoke with Katrina at NotaryGo again today. I’m still not able to upload my credentials. Katrina said their system is still not fully functioning and they have no ETA.

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I don’t understand how some people are getting signing orders, but their system can not upload credentials. How are they uploading the documents to be signed? Not making sense.

I am able to login to NotaryGo, but I am not getting any work from NotaryGo or Snapdocs or from anyone. My Income tanked. Luckily I found another profession where I can be assured of continuous, passive, growing income in the financial world and took it up. Glad that I am not depending on LSA anymore. Reach out to me if you need the details on my new gig and I am glad to share with you.

Notary go, is still operating and normally answers the phone. I have no problems with them

Hello, I new to Notary Go and trying to load my documents but keep coming up with an error msg. Sent a email over a week ago no reply please help!




That’s the same problem I’ve been having and have yet to be able to upload my credentials.
However, since about 3 wks ago, I have been receiving notifications for signing orders from NotaryGo (just haven’t been able to grab any of them). Once I hit accept, I get a screen saying they need my E & O insurance. Ive tried to upload but keep getting the same error message.

Wow… I actually found a custom service number on Google… They told me to email and let them know what is going on. I’m new and ready to work… haven’t received anything from notary go. I’m in NC and I’m trying to do this full time. It’s hard to have all of things you need but can’t get any work.


Hi there,
I also emailed their info support email and never got any response. Hopefully you’ll have better luck! I did speak to someone twice and they just told me they couldn’t do anything due to their system problem and basically that I just had to wait because it was coming back up slowly.
I got commissioned in Jan this year and started signing up with signing services in May. I got 1 signing in May and was able to get two signings in June. I just completed my 4th one 2 days ago. I would also like to do this full time but it has not been what I had hoped for. I’m happy if I do 8 to 10 a week. When those notifications come through they are either already taken or they are 30 to an hour from appt time and driving distance is about 45 to an hour with traffic (I’m in LA-CA). On 3 occasions I have gotten notifications for signings whose appointment times have already passed. For example the appointment shows to be at 2:00 pm and I’m getting the notification for the first time at 3:00 pm and it doesn’t show any type me change or anything of that sort, go figure, lol,

Good luck to you!

I just spoke with Katrina and was told that the systems are down and there is a glitch in terms of adding your certifications. I’ve been trying to add mine for a month. Was told that I could not email them in, and that they are not equipped to do it. Suggest that I continue trying.

Does anyone have any information on NotaryGo regarding orders, payment, and anything else?

Call, they always answer their phones.

Same here I have been trying to upload documents since Saturday. I did speak to them on Monday and was told the issue would be resolved that day.

They answer the phone, but they don’t give much help. Other than that they can’t do anything about it, as far as uploading credentials that is.

Something is still up with their site. The invoice tab seems not to be updated and last month I had to actually send 2 invoices myself to remind them to pay me. They we’re almost 40 days late and that hasn’t happened since I started working with with them :thinking: