is down

When that happens what do those whose printer doesn’t separate do?

I know of are there any other sites?

I used Adobe Pro, and Reader will work also, I look through the package and write down the page number runs for legal size and print them separately. Did that until I could get a newer print - using a Brother now that will sort the page sizes automatically.

Site is back up if still needed.

That tool and site are not secure, I used their site about 2 years ago, and I got someone else docs, not the ones I uploaded (I called the notary on file for the docs for the docs I received, she was shocked). I called and told the wife of the owner of the software, he never responded. They don’t care about security, Period.

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Which site

@NSA Five days ago the site was noted to be operational again (see post above).


I use Adobe to print mixed documents. Sometimes I will use the Microsoft print program but you have to scroll through the pages and print them bit by bit, that is time consuming. However, printing directly from the source means the documents don’t appear on your downloads taking up space and needing to be deleted post printing. I print Borrower copies shrink to fit, it makes it easier to figure out which set is for the Lender and which for the Borrower both Adobe and Microsoft have that feature in their program.

Which model of the newer Brother did you get? Was it easy to set up regarding having it choose legal or letter sizes? Did you have to make any special modifications within your Adobe Pro too?