NSA duties

Being a NSA only requires us to perform our duty as simple as possible and we are not to go into any detail about a loan document. Except, name/Title of document, place of signatures and proper notarizations. We must make sure borrowers are present with proper Identification. We can point on loan document for loan amount, interest rate and terms and payment, but not get into the why questions or detail about the form. Explaining a loan document in detail will get a notary into a lot of trouble. Which is why your signings should only be taking 30-45 minute and in some cases 60 minutes, but no more than that. Phone Numbers/contacts are provided for any questions that need to be answered for you and the borrowers. Hope this helps some newbies who are struggling with time it’s taking for you to complete assignments.


Well said. A picture perfect signing is one that the client already view the CD and straightened out any concerns prior to signing.


@chrisparreira_mobile, yes and any money due from borrowers is a definite and some title companies allow the borrowers to wire or drop off check to title company.


As a newbie this helped a whole lot. I have my first signing soon and I was terrified about it taking forever


@acoutain2015 Hello welcome to notary cafe and hope you can learn alot on here. I have gotten into a habit of triple checking my documents for signatures, initials and dates while at the signing table. What works for me is I watch them sign and date the document and since we are sitting at least 6 feet away form each other during the signing because of Covid, I check again when they hand the form back to me. (that is twice) After we are done I check for the 3rd time flipping through the pages removing my red stickies and during the 3rd time I record the notarizations in my book. Eventually you may not have to use sign here stickies, I only use red ones on the pages which need notarizations to make sure I don’t miss any.
Some one reading this might think its redundant and excessive to triple check my documents, but after missing a couple of signatures on a few loan packages. I made it habit to check 3x at the singing table. Sometimes I check 4x but its done at home. Good luck in this biz and Welcome and be safe out there.


I agree…
i still use sign here stickers and notarize stickers
they keep things organized and helps the signing move along
I havent had a mistake all year over 500 signings


again good points except telphone numbers and contacts are NOT always available

I have a question… If the CD where it says “Cash to close” and the “from” Borrower is check off, is that how we know how much is due at the signing? I’m clearly a newbie, so be gentle… lol, but serious! Also, if it says “to borrower” is that what they can expect to receive when the closing is final???

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The Alta statement also shows the final amount due from borrower or due to borrower. I always check that if documents are available at the time when confirming appt with borrowers.