NSA or Debt Collector?

So, the other day I accepted a so called signing from NotaryGo and was awaiting the docs. When it was about 1 hr before the appointment time, I called them and asked when the docs would be ready and was told “no documents. You just need to go there, if you find the person give us a call🙄”.
I went there and (as I expected) a car is on the driveway and no one would open the door nor answer my calls. Called NG and was transferred to JGW who asked my investigative questions, what the car looks like? Any sign of someone inside?
By the way, this is the second time I’ve been given such a task from NG and also linked to JGW.
I just blamed myself on putting myself into this and deleted my NG account forever :pensive:

Sounds to me like they are out of the loan signing business and this is the kind of assignments they have these days.

Great time to ditch em.