Number of pages - text requests

When I receive text requests for signings, they never mention the number of pages of the documents involved. How can I counter with a correct quote if I don’t know how many pages are involved? I also got a call for a signing, and when I asked the SS how many pages were in the document, she said she didn’t have that information. Is that common not to get a page count (or even a ballpark count)? How does one handle this as far as countering goes?

That’s the game they play. So, when you quote you simply say 'for a package size ‘up to xxx pages’; which then allows you to renegotiate immediately–before you print, if needed. Rarely, they truly don’t know, but they usually do know at least an approx. or tight range. They just hope you’ll do it because you accepted it. Undisclosed stuff should be negotiated AGAIN–immediately. My line is ‘due to undisclosed (whatever), I require an increase of $XX–for a total fee $XXX or please re-assign and advise’. GET AGREEMENT IN WRITING. Never failed yet. Just don’t be an idiot over 5 extra pages. I use 25 page increments.
Not only does it cost more in supplies, but the larger the pkg., the more time you’re at the table.


I usually ask them who the lender is. Over time, I have gotten to know that certain lenders have huge packages with 10-16 notarizations. For me, the number of notarizations are more a determinant of fees than pages. They are what take the most time. When the lender is a “notarize everything and require initials on everything company”, I ask for more money. The signing services usually understand this and give me a higher fee. If not, we can both move on.

Hi. Thanks for your insight. I truly appreciate it. If you didn’t have any experience with lenders and you were in my shoes, how would you handle it?

Hi. I’ve noticed that you usually reply to all of my posts, and I just wanted to thank you for all of your good advice. It’s really nice of you to help out a newbie. Cheers!