NYS Law 137

“Stamp beneath his signature in black ink”. Does the black ink in regards to the stamp underneath the signature, or does it mean the signature is in black ink?

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Ok, so just from this phrase, they are referring to all black Ink color for stamp always! So this means notary and client can sign in black or blue!

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Okay if thats true then how come the answer to question 23 in my test preperation guide has answer B. Black ink only.

Exactly how I interpret it. The statute does not reference the color of in for the notary’s “signature.”

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Maybe someone typed in the wrong answer by accident!

NY: “The notary public can sign in BLUE ink. Unless the contractor tells the notary they want black ink, which the notary can also sign in. There is no seal in NY; the required identifying information (including commission # and expiration date) must be printed or stamped beneath the notary’s signature in black ink.”