Okay, I am insulted

… by fees. Here we are, those of us still plugging away out there, risking our health to do a job that is vital to an entire industry… and you, Signing Company, are still LOW BALLING? Would you PLEASE get with the program, Signing Company, and just offer a decent fee the FIRST time, before those few of us still working are all booked? Those $75 offers are giving me the hiccups… from laughing so hard!


Totally agree. Now is not the time for playing games. Actually, it’s never the right time to play these games.


Hey, Signing Company! Let’s see you get out here - scrambling to find gloves and masks, dealing with ridiculous demands for methods that totally destroy your calendar, explaining politely to people who start coughing halfway through a signing that… no, they didn’t actually LIE when you asked them (an hour before you arrived) if anyone in the house was feeling sick, coughing, sneezing, or had a fever… you are leaving NOW to try to avoid as much exposure as you can.

Signing Companies, get your butts out here for a few days, THEN offer us what you think our services are worth!


Ok I bailed out of this on March 25,2020! TOO risky, now I am applying for AZ UI & they have NO clue what
we do! Anyone else in AZ doing the same??

I totally agree. I received emails from “ the closing group” and they are $75-$85 per signing.
Is really frustrating that they are paying that low


I actually got one for twenty!:joy:


That is nuts! I wouldn’t even do GNW for less than $35

They are doing it because it is so many new people signing up to be a LSA and willing to take anything to get their numbers up. Senior Notaries need to start speaking up to New notaries about when to walk away or these low ball prices will never go away.


Dusha, if you only knew how long we’ve been singing that same old song.


Now this is just ridiculous.

Same day signing. An hour from the time of posting. Refi.

$60. Not $160. $60. Sixty. Dollars.

Signing company, you should be ashamed of yourself.


OMG! Yep, how insulting! I just ignore all the low fees. Most of my signings are direct calls:) :grin: so yes of course I named the price and got them:):grin: and I only accept signings from Title and Signing companies I know! And paid me on time!

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That is so insulting and abusive. I feel bad for anyone who accepted them that low:( Why? Why?


Not sure why you are insulted. Decline, request more money or ignore it. Want to make more money? Hustle, promote yourself and go direct


Missing the point, Joe. The insult is the implied value established for our profession as a whole.


I agree, with all the precautions, give away pens, wear mask, watch who touches what and it is the same ole same ole offer. We are a pass through expense, they need to add some extra hazard duty fees to the cost of doing business during these times. Then on top of all of this, they still want to wait 60 - 90 days before they even think about paying. I for one have turned them all down, due to my age. But it is interesting how the offer comes in low and starts to climb, til I guess someone jumps.


I am experiencing the opposite,the fees I am recieving now are the HIGHEST per signing average I have had. Im fairly new at all this and I have been in the industry for only 2 years. 80% of my signing fees this month have been $100+

Maybe that is still low but better than what I was doing before, and I am finding more “direct” leads with escrow offices scrambling to get orders filled.




Happy Easter! What state are you in?

I do not step out of the house for less than $200 of which $100 is the "virus/hazard extra fee. If there are fax backs I charge an additional $50.

If the call for a signing is the same day as the actual signing I change an extra $50 last minute fee and even more for Sat or Sun. The reason I charge the last minute fee is because they only call me when there is no one else. They have already called everyone on their list. They have previously sent out messages on everyone’s phone for the same old prices. I do not respond.

NotaryGo is the slowest to pay with the lowest fees that contact me. They actually send out requests for fees as low as $40. They then raise fee $10 at a time until they get someone. They called me and actually started yelling at me when I told them the last minute fee would be $250 ($100 regular fee plus $100 hazard/virus fee plus $50 last minute fee). They told me they were going to take me off of their notary list. Of course, they did not but I don’t care if they do. I am ashamed but I yelled back at them when they told me the signing had been available for almost a week and I knew about it. I told them, “Right, and I didn’t respond to your low ball fees sent to everyone on your email/phone list for the last week at $10 increases.” They hung up on me.

Here is my business model.

$100 regular fee
$100 extra hazard/virus fee
$50 fax back fee
$50 last minute (same day) fee
$50 more for Saturday fee
$100 more for Sunday fee

Total: $300 weekday with fax back and same day signing - plus more on weekends

If they call me Mon.- Fri. at least a day in advance with no fax backs I only charge $200


I repeat one more time. I DON’T STEP OUT OF THE HOUSE FOR LESS THAN $200.


What are you applying for? Unemployment?

Wow!! Just now you are concerned? LOL You can have them all!! Im not going out until the end of this crap and my commission is up 04/2021 Not sure if we will be clear to renew by then if it keeps up na! if its a problem let the newbies have those 50 buck jobs.

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