On the Side - Is it worth it to try?

Hi. I work full time M-F (8-4:30). Since those are most banking, title company hours would I still be able to make any money on the side? I’m not looking to make a lot - but I don’t want to make the investment in becoming if I can’t make any at all. Thanks.

I get a lot of evening and weekend closings. Might be worth a shot.

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Truly, it depends upon your area. Most of mine are daytime M-F Appts. Be aware that, with interest rates rising, available work has slowed WAAAAY down. Lot of people with years of experience are hurting now.

Yes, it is worth a try. I too work a full time job in NY and work quite frequently in the evenings, nights and some days when it can be arranged.

It depends. If you make an error - and you will - how flexible will you be in getting a re-sign done? Can you get your docs shipped out when promised, without fail? Can you do scan backs late at night?

An NSAs commitment is not solely to the signing.

Agreed. Add to that I personally do not go for signings on weekends neither after 6:00 pm. If you and the signer have a question, you’ll never find someone from title or lender to advise you. Do not trust the “after hours” phone numbers included in the package. Remember, if the lender rejects the docs and asks for re-close, you’ll be the black sheep.