Online Document Sorter

Hi everyone,

Is there another place besides Notary Rotary that you can sort letter & legal size documents online? I have been having problems on Notary Rotary website.


Notary Stars has one as well.

Thank you. Let me try them.

I went over to Notary Stars and it refers you to Page Separator that charges $49 for the separator.

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Adobe has a page sorter option

Thanks. Let me try adobe to see their price

Notary Rotary does work. I just tried it.

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I called their support line and he said it is a free service and they do not guarantee it will work every time or work for everyone. I split that package to 3 parts & only the first part worked. The other pages, I keep getting an error. I have tried 4 times.

Brother 6200 Printer

You will need a two tray printer, obviously.
Download Adobe Acrobat DC into your computer. I believe it’s free.
Drag and drop your document from the signing order to your desktop.
Right Click on the unopened document which is in PDF format.
Click “Open With” and choose Adobe Acrobat DC.
The document package automatically opens in a format that prints both sizes without your intervention.
Test this out on a package you’ve done previously. It works flawlessly. Let me know if it doesn’t and maybe someone can add to my instructions so that you can use this method.


I love page seperator. cheap and quick

Thank you. I will try it.

Are you using an Apple computer?

No. Windows computer.

Thank goodness…I’ve never had a problem with the Notary Rotary pg seperator :slight_smile:

Dies the page separating not work with Apple computers?

I ve had trouble getting Notary Rotary sort a couple of times this week and several other times in the past. But then again, as the other notary said, it’s free.