Online notarization Texas - obtaining digital certificates

Does anyone have experience obtaining their digital certificate through IdenTrust? Which one are we supposed to purchase?

I was at NNA2019 and presented. They will help you get your credentials so I’d contact them first. If you go through the other popular option, docverify (who uses IdenTrust) the whole thing will end up costing you about $700.

As an independent notary you will need to find a platform to use. The only one that I am aware of is DocVerify. There is a startup fee and monthly subscription. With that you will get everything you need to request your online commission. Now - I’m not looking to talk you out of it; however you need to do some due diligence. First, your online commission runs concurrent with you traditional notary commission. If you are more than halfway through your commission you may want to wait to opt in to this commission. I would also point out that I am not aware of any counties in Texas that are currently accepting (or prepared to accept) digital deed of trusts. I would also point out that as a certified NSA I have not been called upon to perform any signings using this method.

Notarize dot com IS NOT your answer. They are only going to help you if you work for them. As of right now, they only take notaries who can sit in their Center in Dallas. If you look at their webpage for Texas online notary jobs it is horribly out together. If they can’t keep their own website clean do you want to risk your commission with them?

Remote online notary is cost prohibitive for someone to use it for general notary work.

Note that I am a Texas-commissioned notary.

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When presented, did they happen to mention that MO SB409 is dead as of 5/17/2019? The timing and location of the NNA Conference is uncanny. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but…

I checked it out of curiosity. Idiots! Do what we do for $20/hr. with no benefits…pt. time. Sad, but knew it would happen.