Oops, I did it again!

I’m sure I’m not the only person who ran into this problem. Went to my last closing at 3:30pm today, pulled out my journal and I got nothing!! Not even on entry left. What an idiot. I knew I was almost done with my journal and I even reminded myself to put a new one in the bag and I still forgot!!! That was embarrassing. I had to use the last blank page in the back of the journal book again! Yikes!

Ok, I used up almost 5 books last year. So not looking forward to tomorrow’s first closing. The clients tend to look nervous when I pull out a brand new book! :grin:

HAHAHAH when I got my second journal I thought "oh boy these people probably think this is my first assignment!’ I promise I know what I am doing :smile:

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Right!!!darn I need at least 20 characters to post again!