OUT OF BUSINESS: Signing Trac loan modifications

has anyone else been taken advantage of by this company?

Yes! They only pay if you remind them! Put they will pay!

I see there is nothing recent on these guys. So let me add something current and let “notary beware” that they are still not paying their bills. I did 2 signings LAST YEAR. One in April and one in September (shame on me) and am still fighting payment on both of them. They were 2 easy little loan mods for $40 each and I have e-mailed multiple times asking for payment to be sent. I just want to make sure it is out there for other notaries to beware of these guys. They are not paying their bills!! I will post this complaint on as many websites as I can so others know what kind of business practices they have. Maybe it will help other notaries from getting burned like I did and from the sounds of it so many others.

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they are still not paying

Worst Company in the Industry. Low ball fees and they have to be chased for payment. I accepted an assignment and then informed them I would only complete it if they paid the 3 outstanding invoices that were 6 months old. They paid on the spot. So I completed the next one. Now 5 months later I am out $65 again. DO NOT TAKE WORK FROM THEM… THEY DO NOT PAY!!! I