Out of state documents

I’m a new notary in northern California & I have my very first signing job tomorrow. It is a seller’s package dealing with a real estate sale in Nevada. The sellers are currently here in CA.

Thee are 2 pre-printed Nevada Acknowledgements in the package. My understanding is that I can complete those - with corrected venues. Is that right?

Secondly, I’m wondering if I need to ask for the sellers/signers thumbprints for those two Acknowledgements, since the documents (Grant Deed & County Air Quality form) relate to real property.

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Yes, venue needs to be changed to County & State of where Notary is executing documents (line through, change & initial , or attach a new certificate). Yes on thumbprints as well. Anything Real Estate related should have a thumbprint.

Thank very much, Khoulihan. First signing completed; Nevada Acknowledgements edited & completed; thumbprints secured. Luckily, very nice signers. Yay!

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They WERE attached to specific docs, right? They weren’t just loose acks with no doc affiliation?? (Please say yes please say yes please say yes)…

Right -they were pre-printed on the actual documents.

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Just make sure all the CA requirements are met…including that box disclaimer at the top of your certs.