Out of state notarizing

If someone buys a vehicle from someone in another state, not a dealer, and is coming thru your state is it ok to notarize the title if both parties are present?

Why not? If both parties have ID, are in front of you when signing, the only problem I see is ‘does the Title actually need to be notarized’? In my state, it doesn’t.

Always double check your local/state regulations.

The KEY point is: What state was it Registered in?

If it was registered in any of the following states (according to my research) the following states require notarization of the vehicle title:
North Carolina

Every state allows you to notarize forms that came from out of state, are going to another state, or were written in a different state. But you notarize it according to the rules of your state. So, for example, if the state where the form is going allows notaries to witness a signature without doing an oath, affirmation or acknowledgement, and that’s what the form calls for, but it isn’t legal in your state, then you can’t do it.

It’s up to the people asking for the notarizations to figure out if the forms will get the job done. Except for Pennsylvania notaries doing registration-related work for Pennsylvania vehicles, it’s not your job to decide if the forms are proper, as long as you notarize them the way your state says to.