Out of town - what to do

I am very excited because I just got a request asking for all of my credentials in order to sign me up with an very good signing service. I am going on vacation starting today. (I got the request over the weekend.) I’d hate to turn down a job because I’m on vacation. Should I answer their e-mail with my credentials now, or should I wait until I return from vacation? I’d hate to miss a signing opportunity. Also, if I get a call for a signing, how do I handle while on vacation? I am going out of state.

It’ll most likely take them a few days to get your info into their database. I’d send it in, keep my cell with me, answer all texts, calls, with a brief “sorry, but I’m not available until (your return)”. Often you can line up jobs for when you get back from vacation.

I am a signing company located in New Jersey
All you have to do is tell them you’re on vacation no big deal we have lots of notaries in lots of areas. There are plenty of jobs not to worry. If you’re located in New Jersey and would like to be part of my team give me a call or send me a text message DMI closings Jackson New Jersey 732-804-3724
Good luck Dineen

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Go on vacation and don’t worry about missing Signings while you are gone. It doesn’t matter if you turn in the paperwork before you leave or when you get back. Although they are asking for your credentials, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have a Signing waiting for you. There is no way you can do a Signing out of state, and you are not going to be penalized by the Signing Company if you simply tell them you are on vacation. I tell the main companies I sign for that I will be unavailable during the vacation time, and it’s no problem.

I work with Dineen and can vouch for her. She is sooooo much more than just a signing company owner. She really cares and can make u a better signing agent overnight!