Paid Platforms for Notary Work

There has been controversy regarding paying a fee to receive closings. Some companies use platforms that are free for notaries (Snapdocs), others use services like Notary Cafe (Subscription), and then there are a bunch of other companies that try to scam you into signing up with them for a fee while they promise you work. I’m sure there are legit ones like (NNA Site), however, I found that is typically used for proof of credentials rather than a search engine for notaries. I haven’t paid a fee for in years because I would never get a call and someone would say, I found you on this site…

I wanted to start a forum to see peoples experience with all of the above and opinions.

I have been a notary for almost a decade. I have profiles on both Notary Cafe and Snapdocs. Over the years, once in a while, in a desire to find more work I have committed some money (up to $30) for a membership in the hopes of getting something out of it. Unfortunately, the only paid platform that I have come across that actually delivers some clients or opportunity is Notary Cafe.

I understand that different platforms work with different clients in different states, so geographical placement also is a factor. I find myself again trying to generate more work, as I’m sure some, if not all of you are doing. No one wants to throw money away to try something. Even if it is $20.

So now, the main question: With the exception of Notary Cafe, who works with a paid service and actually gets something out of it besides the nonsense offers of 5% savings on supplies that no one needs?

I just made a leap of faith this past month and paid for 123 Notary, notary rotary and notary cafe. So far NONE have shown any results whatsoever. Granted it’s only been a few weeks, but not a peep. I am wondering if I made a mistake doing this. I am marketing myself to escrow/title direct and I also am signed up with about 73 signing services. But I only get calls from like 5 of them… and the prices are LOW, and getting lower. I try everytime to negotiate a higher fee, but they just find someone else to do a reverse mortgage for $50. :frowning:

Jamie, you hit the ‘good’ ones. That said, getting work is still area-dependent. That, and refi business IS way down.

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You’ve been doing this for a decade, you should be doing 3-7 signing per day. I don’t pay for any directory listing, except NNA (they are the go to background check & notary testing and are recognized by bigger title and signing companies). I only have free listing on the others.
Your putting to much responsivity and stock on just being listed on a directory, is going to bring you work. That’s not how it works. You need to create great introduction email to send out to the decision makers at those signing and title companies. You need to rely on You. I ran a mailbox store for 16 years and built 3 businesses within that business, the real breakout was my notary business. I was doing so well, I sold my mailbox store 3 years ago and now do this full time. This is the time, when your slow to get your emails out their. And you need to be PERFECT on all your signings (no errors, no excuses), this is your living.
Good Luck!

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NobleInk, I average 2 signings a month from my profile on and an average of 8 - 10 a year from I have never received a signing from 123 Notary or Notary Rotary, either when I was a “pro” subscriber or just had a free profile.

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Two things that haven’t been mentioned are LOCATION.and COMPETITION. Highly populated areas are going to have both more available signings AND more competition. No matter what you do, you can’t ignore these realities.

Some of you that have been notaries for a while have to realize that the business is changing. There are many many signing notaries in the business now compared to past years. Everyone is trying to find work therefore, this drives the prices down. The fee paid in the past is not what is paid today. That is just how it is now.

The major reason it’s changing is because people don’t have a clue what their costs of business are and simply underestimate them, if they even do that. Take whatever is offered and if it works out to $8/hr. well, they think, I’ll just have to do more jobs. As paper, toner, gas…all the things we require are costing more than 10 years ago, give me one good reason why we should be working for less money. Heck, even minimum wage has gone up considerably.

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