Palm Castle Signing Pheonix AZ

Does anyone have any experience with this company?

I did a signing for them 6 months ago and was paid on time. They were nice to work with. A couple of months ago I wanted to update some information with them and their phone numbers didn’t work. I wondered if it was a temporary problem or they were going out of business.

I did a Seller signing for them on 8/28 and am waiting for payment… UPDATE: Received payment 10/4 check dated 9/30. They were great to work with, no hand holding, met my fee, responded to my emails, nice people. I would work with them again.

I am not sure this is the same Palm Castle because there have been no comments for several years now, had a recent SO offer and accepted it, with some trepidation, never have heard of them before… but I looked them now up because I am nearing the tail end of a horrible signing communication/experience with them right now. I hesitated for a moment to share this experience, but my intuition tells me is that I do need to…
I completed a recent signing for them, but the documents were drawn incorrectly and no one at the lender or title or SS caught this until signer and I figured it out at the table for a last minute -end of the day - end of month loan docs draw, and rush signing for a decent fee, for a property that did not exist on any current map in a remote/rural area (that should have been my first, second and third red flag). The docs were sent so late, I could only print and run, and the error although catastrophic, was not obvious when printing. I could not reach SS when we found the errors at the signing table, but did reach an alleged lender rep by phone, and was verbally instructed to complete the signing regardless (even though I knew it would require a redraw). I complied, and as no surprise, the following day was informed by Title, it had to be redrawn. When I discussed the situation/experience with Title, I was told they could not reach the SS either after multiple attempts and was very frustrated, and I was assured I would be compensated my full fee (I had earned it, in her opinion),.
I should have run and cut my losses at that point, but felt bad for the signer, didn’t believe I was getting lip service from Title, didn’t yet think the SS would be a bad player, so agreed to be available for the re-draw. and asked Title to let SS know if she reached them (she thought is was odd she couldn’t reach them and perhaps some emergency was going on).
So I proceeded giving a benefit of some doubt. Docs were redrawn, loaded on the portal and SS sent me an automated email they were ready for download - but no call, no returned vms to discuss. I had 2 signings earlier in the day and the evening time open, although I had a reluctance to go ( my gut was telling me to not trust the situation).

However as no good deed goes unpunished, so after printing the new docs and rushing out on my way again. I had a hunch to check one more time with the signer just a few minutes out of arrival, and he shared he was upset with the lender, and wasn’t going to go through with the re-draw signing, despite that he had confirmed only 2+ hours earlier by phone that he was standing by as soon as I got the docs and could get there, and was looking forward for a call that I was on my way. As murphy continued to play with this assignment, the signer calmed down changed his mind (unfortunately, the next morning), he text me he wanted me to come out and get the loan signed. But, when I called Title to inform and get direction (since SS was not responding to calls and messages), alas Title told me they had to redraw again, if the lender would be inclined to.

I left a message about this for SS (they did not return), nor respond to an email respectful request to accommodate a call back from a Manager…

I did receive a random email a little while later only that I would be reassigned the 2nd redraw - but a few hours later that day, nothing! (thank goodness I had moved on with my day. DidnSS was still not answering the phone, signer not answering his phone, so called Title, who told me it was reassigned. grrrr… I went on Signing Order, to find it only shows offered pay of a $20 print fee (despite the SS acknowledging I made 2 trips and one complete signing…) , and had a completion “thank you email” from the first signing…
I have been in the business since 1994 (LO and UW for over 15 yrs), a NSA for over 11 years now, and have NEVER once had such an experience with a SS (maybe I have been lucky in the past, as I always worked out business with the slow payers, and accidental no-payers, to an acceptable conclusion). This one feels different. I’m thinking I may ultimately inform SO of the situation/outcome if not satisfactory but not sure that will do much…anyone have any thoughts about me informing SO of what has transpired??

If you do not see a follow-up post from me with a positive acceptable outcome in coming days, you will know it didn’t happen, and therefore if you receive a SigningOrder offer from Palm Castle, accept it only under the above advisement/shared experience with crossed fingers…
March is over, l was busy up and down, but this situation left me a bit sour. I will shake it off with a pleasant weekend and a filling up schedule, for next week. I hope April is a bit better for all of us, and that none of you have to go through what I did, anytime soon!

Wow, I am so sorry it happened to you. I was exhausted after reading this. Glad you let others be aware.

I have to say, I’ve had the absolute opposite experience. I’m in Washington State, and have–merely coincidentally–only done signings through Palm Castle for all of 2022 (Now April 7 as I write this; caveat, I do signings as a side gig). It is odd, as I seem to get Arizona 2nd homes, or moving to Arizona, up here in the Northwest. Anyway, all of my business with them has been great.

Update…hopeful/happy to report I spoke with the owner finally after several persistent attempts who seems like a straight shooter and said he would make the situation right and has since updated SO to reflect full payment due. Chalk it up to end of month chaos at Palm Castle, a manager out, and a new scheduler trying to cover. Will further update once funds received.

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I wish you well. Whenever I see an offering from Palm Castle my face lights up, because they’ve just been great to me.

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