Pandemic Management For Mobile Services

The situation of pandemics coming again to the USA is a possibility. Prepare to be flexible for new kinds of work so you will make it through. Keep up with renewing your commission and certifications that will help your resume while showing the industry we don’t give up when times are tough.

My experience in 2020 has been the best of loyal customers can flip by viewing your entry into their homes as a potential carrier of a virus. Really twisted paranoia! Omicron that came later turned out to be nothing but a simple cold for instance.

The amount of discomfort and abusive customers experienced by mobile notaries in 2000 especially was unbelievable! Cold backyards and garages for purchase signings, other types included car hoods, car seats accompanied with hysteria upon door entry, temperature guns aimed at forehead without warning, hospitals changing policy, security at office buildings demanding drivers licenses for entry rejecting passport card, etc.

Since the pandemic, now in 2022 the biggest issue for my business in San Francisco is how wealthy men complain over how many documents they have to notarize all of the time. A $4 million mansion owner in the financial industry took out his frustrations on me when he received services at my office in his building. He was rude, hostile and angry sitting at a table with me for one $15 sig over a document he didn’t understand why it required notarization. On the way out he promised me there would be no further forgiveness loans coming.

This has been a tough industry with rude greedy people, many of whom don’t value notary services. Prior to his selling FitBit, I was frequently summoned by its CEO who suddenly became frustrated having to show me his drivers license each time asking me why it was necessary. He complained in front of a conference room full of people, then I was accompanied out when I didn’t respond. I wasn’t about to argue why the arrogant CEO had to follow the law.

The other sad issue is the vulture agencies that bid way below our listed NSA fees while having an attitude about it. They think nothing of underpaying NSA’s while they enjoy nationwide access to deliver their packages online.

Make sure you take good care of your health first and foremost. A good source of health info is on Dr. Berg’s YT channel. Hang in there!

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