Paper size: legal or letter?

Hi There. I have had only 2 jobs thus far and both have been completely different. One of the differences has been the first job was asking printing to be on “letter” size paper. The second wanted only “legal” size. I am trying to make sure I am prepared for future jobs and being proactive to ensure I have all my tools. Can anyone with more experience tell me if the majority of jobs are printed one way or the other or is it really just a 50/50 chance on what the Title or Escrow Company may want? Thanks for the help.

In my experience, almost all regular signings involved both legal and letter sized documents. That’s why a dual tray laser printer that automatically collates legal and letter sized pages (based on the PDF page size) is a tool that I find indispensable, and that many signing services essentially require.


Thank you for the input.

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You’re very welcome!

I agree 100% with Doug. I primarily work directly with title companies and one office will tell me to print the docs all in letter only and the another office (same company) will have me print both letter and legal. My rule of thumb is I print as they give it to me unless they specify. Makes life so much easier :slight_smile:

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Must you always separate the docs into letter and legal or can you print all on legal. I asked and was told it was fine. I tried to buy a two tray printer and everything is either on back order or double the price. Won’t buy HP due to the inability to use anything but their toners.

That depends on the title/lender. Some forms they will only take on a particular size

One time the SS made me mad so I printed the package letter than legal, letter than legal and so on. I believe they had to get another notary to go back because I never return the voicemail. We can’t let these services get away with talking and treating us anyway.