Pavaso Certified

Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone could give me any information about becoming Pavaso certified. Is it worth my time and is there fees attached. While signing up with a company they asked if I was Pavaso certified. Any info would be helpful. Thank You

Have heard a whole lot of noise about this, but nobody seems to have actually received a job. And, yes, there are considerable fees involved (tho’ no guarantee of work) as well as more electronic equipment needed. From what others say, they want to pay less for more work, equipment needed. Please note, I have no personal experience with this platform.

There are two levels of Pavaso certification. The first requires only that you take an hour of training about the esigning process, pass a test, then prove affiliation with your choice of Pavaso’s esigning partners. No cost. The second is state specific. Your state must allow enotarization. You must have all state required documentation to perform enotarization. You must complete a more intensive training process. And yes - you will pay a fee.


If you work with a title company that wants to do esignings in your state, they might sponsor you so you won’t have to pay Pavaso’s fee. I got signed up but have only had one request. The signer cancelled due to a change in the signer’s schedule.

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Pavaso is company specific with their platform. I am Pavaso certified with Amrock and had to take another Pavaso course for Signature Closers. It is similar yet different and hopefully will get me more work…I would not be surprised if another company I do business with has another little different spin ……eventually, it will all be e-signings and hopefully NOT that new Skype type of signings which will only invite fraud

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I was Pavaso certified and did a few hybrid eclosings with digital signatures and wet signatures. Its the triple the work for the Notary! Transport equipment, remote wifi and organize all log in credentials etc. Typically, the fee is 70% of a normal closing but 3x the work! Not interested. Its very convenient for the lender to have the closing documented for electronically. But the pay is horrible! $50-$75. Waste of time. Concept is great but it won’t last.

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Oh, WitnessPro, it will last. But this will be one of those things that the title and other hiring parties will use to move toward RON. I have no interest in taking on more cost and responsibility for companies who want absolute perfection for burger-flipping pay (or less).

So, is it worth it? I’m debating it.