Pavaso E-closing/Ehybrid closing

I just received an email from the title company that invited me to sign up for Pavaso E-closing through their portal, said that I do not need to pay Pavaso’s annual fee!:). They will pay my annual fee for me:) :pray: Yay!

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OK, even though I’m Pavaso certified I tried to hold off on taking any of the signings! But because title co asked me to sign up and they pay the annual fee, I reactivated my Pavaso account via title’s portal. Immediately, I booked 6 Ehybrid closings but gave 1 back due to schedule conflict. I think this is the way of the future Ehybrid/RON and we can’t stop it. I have 8 signings on Monday and 5 of them are Ehybrid!

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It happened to me also, they offered me to pay my fee with Pavaso, after I paid $99 I received only one order for a Digital signing Deed, I got paid $50, for that, After 3 months without heard anything or any order, I asked for future orders, they said were slow, and will call me back for any oncoming closing. Do they reimburse me the $99 I paid? not yet, after 3 months. I’m only talking for RON, not Hybrid.

Do not do them cheap. And do not pay annual fee. Go find a title co that will invite you in and work via their portal. My base fee for ehybrid is $130. It I have to go further even 5 miles over I charge trip fee as well. And approved. Looks like I’ll be doing a bunch of these for now until RON is fully activated! Then I’ll just sit in my home office and work in my slippers! Just need to make sure I look presentable from the waist up! :joy:

OK, I closed 5 E-signings today and 3 full paper. Took me exactly 10 minutes per E-signing it was a success! Bring it on! :joy: That was so easy! %#@€! And great pay too.