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Hi all - does anyone use the business Venmo app or your personal Venmo? What other forms of payment do you accept?

I offer Apple Pay, PayPal, square, cashapp, venmo, zelle, all under my LLC and tied to my business bank account.

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(CA) I’m old fashioned. I only accept cash or a check. Haven’t had a problem yet. I’ll probably go to Square if business really picks up in my GNW practice.


10 years agon or so I had someone ask me if I took credit cards…I said sorry…no. Signed up for Square after that…got signed up … Yep, you got it , have not had ONE person ask me to take a credit or debit card since!!

That’s how my luck rolls.


While Zelle isn’t having problems, it is being used to scam others.

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Square. 8 out of 10 of my GNWs pay with card. I like the chip feature.

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I’m looking a payment method that works well on my website. Any suggestions?

I have Square and it gets used several times per month. A little secret, when you do your taxes, make sure your software will interface with Square and all the fees they charge become a business expense. FYI: I use TurboTax.

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