Payment Received By Precision Notary Services!

Just wanted to inform you all Kerri Ruth who is the owner sent me an email on Tuesday, December 5th stating my payment was going to be mailed out that day & my payment was received on Saturday, December 9th!

But before this I was determined to keep reaching out to the title company & speaking to the supervisor letting her know I had not been paid yet in over 30 days. It worked out because the supervisor must have got on her to send my payment. Title companies don’t like it when the Notaries keep calling them about not being paid.

Keep in mind Precision Notary Services is the vendor for the title companies & they want to remain in good standings & keep their business with the title companies.

I advise all of you who haven’t been paid yet to reach out to the title company & let them know you have not been paid by Precision Notary Services in over 30 days for services rendered. Also, email Kerri Ruth at: & let her know you have spoken to the supervisor at the title company about not being paid.

Good Luck!!

Happy Holidays!!

Thank you for that information. Unfortunately when I emailed Keri Ann I go this email back "I am currently out of the office for the time being. I will not have access to my emails. If you need immediate assistance, please call 817-380-5578 or email or Morgan can be reached on her cell at 817-266-6097.

90 days and counting.

Amazingly enough I woke up to an email from Keri Ann and she paid me promptly via Paypal. It took over 90 days to get paid. NEVER AGAIN!! Apparently the magic words are “I would hate to tell Title that you don’t pay your notaries”
I am sending out a big thank you to Beloved1213 for the information that she gave to help me get paid.

You are very welcome & I’m so glad the information helped to finally get you paid!! There are Notaries that have posted on Notary Rotary who have not been paid yet so I will post the “MAGIC WORDS” & hopefully it will help get them paid quick too!!

I did the same thing called the title company that I got a payment today to paypal. I wont do more work unless I get paid in advance, this is the2nd time I had a problem,

I wish I had read your comment prior to accepting a closing a couple of months ago! Does anyone know if they’re still in business?

I performed an error free signing for Kerri on 5/1/2018. Escrow disbursed a check which Kerri endorsed and cashed on 5/31/18. It’s now 9/10/18 and NO PAYMENT!! I have a copy of the check & endorsement. I emailed Kerri Ruth and received back a “text”, from her, that she was no longer with the company (seems strange, as she owned it) and to contact “Morgan” at (817) 266-6097. Mail box full and automatic hang up. Shame they were around for a while but then turned into a Ponzi signing company that needed new funds to pay off past due payable and finally ran out of money. A lesson to us all.