Pennsylvania AG goes after MV Realty

I am not one to be behind these types of signings. I don’t care to participate in them. Here is the latest from the Commonwealth if you’ve been following along.


I have worked with MV Realty and it never occurred to me what their agenda is. It was always a cut and dried signing of a couple pages and ID retrieval. I feel really terrible to find out I was a part of some shenanigans on the part of MV.

I did one for them when I first started doing loans in July. It was very last minute on a Sunday and they paid me very well. MV said they’d confirm with the signer. I didn’t think much of it at the time, rush job and all. I got there and well, I think it was a literal crack house. We did the signing on the back porch. The man said he was expecring a notary the day prior to my visit and didn’t know I was coming. Again, I didnt get to read the papers but something didnt sit right so I looked further into it when I got home. I was horrified and so ashamed of what I just did. Never again did I accept one and actually blocked the company they were using from sending me notifications.

I wish more states would do this - kudos to PA’s AG…

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Very similar experience too. I received a last minute signing from them, printed the docs and ran out the door. As I am sitting there reviewing the docs for the first time along with the signer, I am horrified. I completed the signing, came home, and did some research on MV Realty and said never again. Not all money is good money. The signer had 48 hours to cancel. I pray she did.

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Oh I figured it was coming. First time I was offered through SNAPDOCS I did my homework and learned that it a ‘ loan benefit program’ so I looked some more and didn’t like the structure and honestly it felt like those 2007-8 predatory loan mods I refused to touch. NO THANK YOU :joy:

I’m glad Josh Shapiro is going after MV Realty. I took 3 of these early on when I didn’t really understand what they were. I presented documents as required, but I don’t think the clients really understood what a 40 year lien was. One person said, “I’m never selling my house anyway!” Unfortunately these people were so desperate for money that they accepted $700 for a 40 year lien and a commitment that isn’t at all beneficial to them. I refuse to do them anymore.

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