Permit Runner

Are there any permit runner notaries?


Permit Runner/Expediter could be the nitch market opportunity for those frustrated wannabe loan signing agents that can’t ever seem to get picked for an assignment. The problem is this service must be marketed and marketing costs money. Most of you reading this have no problem splitting a $200 notary fee with a signing service but complained about investing $1,000 in targeted direct marketing. There is a real sustainable income opportunity in this service and you don’t need a certification or background check to start.


What is the pay scale for this type of service?

Pay scale? Your self employed, set your own rates.

I’m new to a lot of this. What is a runner/expediter? How do you get started with this? Thanks in advance.

you are not very nice…

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Joe’s been around the block more times than almost anybody. Joe KNOWS. Listen to him.


I was replying to inkmeup

I was replying to inkmeup also. It does get confusing sometimes, eh?
Quite honestly, we should be grateful that someone with as much experience in ‘all things notary’ as Joe has even bothers to try to educate us in any of the various ways that one can earn money (not chump change) with a notary seal.

I make extra money recording last minute deeds.

These are the ones that must be recorded same day, and the closer knows that transmitting them electronically into the queue is too risky.

I pick up the signed docs and prepared check, run them to the appropriate courthouse, stand in line, pass over the docs and check, get back the recorded deed, and return it to it’s originator. $100 for 25 miles, additional for distance.

I get paid when I return the recorded docs.

It doesn’t happen often, but its pretty nice now and then.


Thank you Judikidd. That gives us a ball-park. I never thought of the deed deal, and I’ve been in a 100 TC’s. Thanks again.

I would love to get back in to Permit Runner/Expediter. I use to do it in 2006.

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Any tips on what needs to be done before getting into it? Pretty nervous to start as there is not much information on it.

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How to Become a Permit Runner

The primary qualifications for becoming a permit runner are a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field—usually something related to project development, such as urban planning or transportation—and outstanding interpersonal skills. Time spent in a permit-handling government office is particularly helpful for becoming a permit runner, though not actually a requirement for most employers. Experience is also helpful because the more time you spend handling and expediting permits, the easier it is to find jobs. Fulfilling the responsibilities and duties of a permit runner requires teamwork skills, time management skills, and reliable personal transportation. Some employers may ask you to pass a drug test or a background check.