Photo Identification Form for Refi

I’m completing my first signing on Monday. I have a form for photo id included in the packet with the last line stating “Notary:” There is already a proof of Id form in the packet, who is this ID form for, me or the buyer?

Hard to say without seeing the form. It is not unusual to Identify the borrowers on 2 forms within a package. One being the Patriot Act Form and another being a Borrower ID Form. However, some packages will have a form that that will require the Notary to Identify themselves as well. I would look to carefully at the verbiage /. prompts on the form. Where is says Borrower it will be for the borrowers information and you will be also asked to sign your name that you have Identified the borrowers as well.

If you post the form ( make sure to black out any borrower specific information) it will be easier to get more specific feedback for this form.

Even the title of the form would probably help us guide you with this.

Now that I look at your message closer and see that it says “Proof of ID” , it is for Borrowers ID to be filled in and you as the Notary will be signing it where prompted.

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Thank you for the help! Guess I’m just a little nervous is all