Has anyone ever worked for I received an email from them regarding taking exterior photos for inspections.

Similar to WeGoLook etc. Very little money, use their app.

Yes. I have recently done my first job for them. Initially they rejected the photos because they were taken from too far away. (This particular house was 75 yards, plus or minus, from the road.) They asked me to contact the homeowner for permission to walk onto the property to get closer to the house and told me I would be paid for the return trip. I did as they asked and I was paid for the 2nd trip as promised.


Do you have there website?

Hello, approximately how much do they pay for this type of work?

I too received an email from them and signed on. Curious about pay also.

They pay $10-$25 per assignment and the reviews I found from employees were not good

$10-$25 per assignment

$25 MIGHT be acceptable if the work is right close by, like say in town and I’m not investing too much time in it, like say an hour or so. Further away from home and more time spent in a project would certainly have to entail a higher compensation or no dice.

I’m willing to bet that a professional home inspector/appraiser would probably get about $25 per hour for their services, maybe more so if they want me to do an inspector’s work, than they can pay me an inspector’s pay or find somebody else to do it. Not going to undersell myself and do something for nothing or next to it. Time is money and that’s what we’re in this game to do-make money.

There you have it. They’re obviously trying to get a lot of work out of a bunch of newbies for not even a fraction of what they’d have to pay a professional to do this work. It’s a common enough business practice and that’s why I’m generally VERY wary of these companies that reach out to you with an offer that sounds to good to be true. It is and don’t fall for it. If we’re going to be in business, then we need to think like businesspeople.