Please Educate Me

Hello! Thank you in advance for reading this post.

I’m in California.

I’ve visited a few notary public websites that also offer Apostille services. Okay great.

However, I’m seeing a LOT of websites that ask people to upload their documents (for Apostille ) for processing, or, to mail them in to the notary’s business address.

I know that some (but not all) documents for Apostilles will require notarization. And, I also know that in California, the signer is required to be physically present when their documents are being notarized.

So, my question is: How are these Notaries able to have a customer upload or mail in documents, and"we’ll process them in 24 hours and you’ll have your Apostille in no time"
when, if the document needs to be notarized, the person would need to be physically present? Is California the only state where one needs to be physically present? I also know that California does not do RON.

My second comment / question would be:
Some of these Notaries say they can assist with an Apostille for all 50 states. Again. Great. However, the same nagging question keeps popping up… Is California the only state where the signer needs to be physically present? If not, then how are California Notaries able to assist to get an Apostille for an out of state customer who might also need a document notarized?

P.S. I also saw someone in California advertise that their notary price is $25 per signature. /Hmmm… California is $15…

Please educate me.

Thank you for all positive comments!

I can only guess. My state, Vermont, is still operating under emergency COVID rules. I could have a person who plans to be in Vermont mail me a paper document they have signed. I then could use a video call to take their acknowledgement or administer an oath, IF THEY WERE IN VERMONT AT THE TIME OF THE VIDEO CALL. Then I could send it, on their behalf, to the SOS for an apostille.

I don’t do this, but I could.

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