Police K9 Scare

Met a city employee in a popular local coffee shop for a refi signing. Everything was ok with the signing it is when I went to my SUV that the weirdness started. As soon as I started my engine, van pulled along side in the parking lot on my right side. In my rear view mirror saw flashing police lights and then 3 more police vehicles pulled up ~ one a K9 unit. Apparently they were after the person in the van but I was blocked in by all the police vehicles. Looking at my clock used my automatic window to lower passenger side window and explained I was a Notary Signing Agent and needed to make FedEx cutoff and asked if they could let me out. After I made this request K9 dog with huge mouth and drooling tried to jump into my car. Scared the everything out of me plus dog drooled all over my FedEx pkg. Police were very nice and moved their vehicles. Surely didn’t expect that to happen in such a nice and quiet area.

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And everyone thinks being a notary is like watching paint dry.