Portable Power Station for Scanner

Does any one have one? I found one on Amazon. it’s Rechargeable and can be can handle 600w and 1200w. Fully portable. I thought I can use it for a printer or a scanner. and camping or whatever.

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I have three. Great for power outages. But generally, I use a plug converter so I can use my car’s power system.

I found a 1000 Watt inverter handles everything I need from the car, even my dual tray Brother.

do you have a link, or brand/model? Sounds cool

Any brand works. You can pick them up from Autozone, Carquest, even Harbor Freight. They do get wires directly to your battery though.

I am not technology savvy, can you provide more details? Brand, name, how it plugs into the car if portable.

I am not technology savvy, can you provide more details? Brand, name, how it plugs into the car if portable. My dual tray Brother printer flickers our house lights when it kicks on, so I was worried the car battery couldn’t handle it. Apparently it is working for you, so more details would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the long reply time.
Power Inverters turn the DC power from your car’s battery / electrical system into AC power that your printer and/or scanner need.
Smaller inverters (250Watt - some 500Watt) can plug directly into your 12V Outlet(what used to be known as the cigarette lighter) to power your electronics.
Larger ones (1000Watt - 1500Watt) have to be connected directly to your battery with heavy duty wires because they draw so much power.
The trick is to pick either a smaller printer / scanner or a larger inverter. I use a dual tray Brother as well and use a 1000Watt inverter. The car will have to be running for it to work though.
The other thing to keep in mind is that the charging system(alternator) in a smaller car may not be able to handle the larger inverter and it could conceivably drain your battery, in which case you will need to run your car for a while after you are done printing. SUV’s / Trucks have larger batteries and alternators which take that worry away.
Hope this helped.

Hope it’s not too late to offer my perspective. I purchased the EcoFlow power station and I am pleased with it’s performance. I did have one problem when I plugged it into my vehicle power port to keep it charged, it destroyed it, not a blown fuse, it rendered it inoperable and melted the charging cable. I contacted EcoFlow, they replaced the cable, I installed another power port in vehicle, lowered the amps and it did the same thing to the pp. The unit works great, but I would not recommend using your vehicle power port to charge it…I keep it charged using the a/c cord.