Portable Printer

Do you use a portable printer when you’re away from your office/home? If so, which brand/model? Thank you.

If you find one that can handle our print volume, please post it!

Recently I was in an auto accident and my car was totaled. Other party was at fault and I had enough money from auto claim to purchase a 2018 Ford Escape. In the rear, there is a power supply I can connect to with a power inverter and I also have a Halo portable power supply that can jump start vehicle and has outlet to plug into. Purchased small HP 2655 (wifi friendly) that fits in old igloo cooler in back of vehicle so it doesn’t overheat and can’t be seen. I can use my vehicle power source or clients to make copies. Very inexpensive (used Amazon points = $25) and works well. Looked at wand thingies and not good reviews and reputable brands super expensive. My fix is more affordable but may not work for everyone.

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A compact laser like the HL-L2370DW can even be run off an inverter or strong battery pack (or extension cord if you can find an outlet).

The compact printers only draw about 500 watts when printing (1100 peak), which is reasonable load for a moderate inverter.

I’ve used a prior similar model this way successfully.


Thanks for the additional information - nice :smile: