Power of Attorney Florida

Can a dual power of attorney expire? The power of attorney in question was put into place in 2019. The principal can no longer make any decisions for himself OR sign. The document did not specify an end date. I’m in FLORIDA.

Not sure what a dual power of attorney is…if you mean DURABLE POA, that survives the incompetence or incapacity of the principal.


Regardless, the notary is only certifying to the verified identity of the signer and that, in fact, they were the individual who signed the document. The content of the d

The authority and validity of the durable/limited/etc… PoA is a subject determined by the parties to the contract, their assigns and their attorneys (e.g.: buyer, seller, title or closing agent, etc…).

Validity is generally a determination of fact and law, and usually outside the purview of the notary.


Legal inquiry. Are there any attorneys available to provide complimentary legal guidance?

Not an attorney but not quite sure what the question is. All I can offer is what I said previously and, further, an attorney-in-fact cannot delegate his authority under the POA to any other person … nor can (s)he sign a NEW POA as AIF …

It seems if the problem is the current AIF is not able to act, a guardianship will be needed if a secondary AIF was not named. To my knowledge no, a POA normally does not expire.