Precision Notary Services,Don't pay or return calls or emails

Precision Notary Services, PO BOX 77220 Forth Worth TX 817 380 5578 I give them 0. Did a signing for them 02/15/2018. I enquired about payment 04/07/2018. I received an email from the title company which stated that Precision Notary Service was paid and the check cleared their account 03/07/2018. So far I have not heard from Precision Notary Service.

This what I found out on Notary Rotary
Date Rating Member Comment Author
12/14/2017 Took several emails, calls and a threat to tell title to pay at 105 days F++ MT Contact Author
12/7/2017 120 days no pay, doesn’t answer emails or phone. Very unprofessional. TX
12/5/2017 No pay, No return calls, and their phone message doesn’t ID their company. TN Contact Author
11/29/2017 So unprofessional when no one returns calls or emails! Who runs this business? IL Contact Author
4/10/2017 They don’t return phone calls. I have done several closings and no pay. TX
3/29/2017 Non responsive; non pay; nonsense NC Contact Author
3/8/2017 Not paying on time, quote good fees, then don’t pay. TX Contact Author
1/27/2017 Sent 2 emails to pay me; lied about payment being sent;paid @ 47 days;never again CA Contact Author
11/10/2016 Going on 60 past due. Next call is to TC for payment. NC Contact Author
7/11/2016 OK fee but lied about date check was mailed. Paid at 46 days. CA Contact Author

They owe me also, no response, no payment. Sorry I am not alone.

I am waiting for a payment from Precision escrow in woodland hills ca. I dont know if they are the same corp. Waiting since december. I started calling the phone number from the escrow docs. Call every week. Speak to Chozen. Get the same lies. She is checking to se where the check was sent to. Inspokento the currier. He got paid but is out several thousand dollars. I will keep calling. I will not let it go.

Did they ever pay you???

Did they ever pay you?

Yes finally! Took a very long time and I kept after them, but they eventually paid