Precision Notary

I’ve completed two signing for Precison Notary and now that I’ve been trying to reach them for payment, they do not answer my emails, phone calls, or text messages. If I’m not paid by the end of the month or they do not respond to me, I will not work with them again. They sound legitimate and professional on the phone but once they get what they want you don’t hear anything else from them. The person I was dealing with was Kerri Ruth and then Morgan Garcia who does not respond at all.

I have not used Precision Notary. Report them to the BBB

I have used them in the past and had no issue with payment. They did forget a payment but as soon as I pointed it out they got me out a payment fast.

I tried both their numbers, not luck.
This is also no owner name on Whois website lookup.

Try to get hold of them on facebook, maybe.

Good luck

This used to be a great company to work for but no more. I did two signings for them back in April and May. I have not been paid and they have quit responding to my emails. I believe Kerri is no longer there. I would say BEWARE doing any business with Precision Notary.