Premier Lender Services aka PLS

Premier Lender Services aka PLS. Has any one did any Closing for them latley?? I got a email from them today for a Closing??

Yes they are A1 in my book

Thank you for your response Kmack09

Decent packages, good rates, pay on time. I’ve done 15 or so for them. Very good company!

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Would definitely recommend working with Premier Lender Services. I’ve been working with them for the past several years and have completed hundreds of Reverse Mortgages for them. They are professional, pay well and on time. Good luck!

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Yes I worked with them once and my mother works with them often. They keep her busy. They pay at the end of the month. Nothing negative to report about them.

I work for them all the time, they pay good and pay on time, they do have faxback required however it is only a few pages. They are a good company one that you want to receive business from. There are a few that are gook like PLS I only wish they all were. I would also recommend them

Hi. What is their website? I tried googling and came up with different companies.

I did one for them for a AAG Reverse Mortgage App package in February. 290 pages. They still have Not paid me. I have contacted numerous times. One response from the accounting department stated they paid me with a check that was actually for a different closing that I did for them. I notified and proved this to them but No response. Really? Very frustrated with them.

very great company, never o problem getting paid , loads of work too.

I just did my first reverse mortgage with PLS today. Is it normal to not have anything to notarize in the package just as an application?

Did you have to sign up with them or did they find you?

There is nothing to notarize in the applications - you are assisting the signer and acting as courier.

whats the average pay like / by state. They sent me a email with bunch of documents to sign. However, their website does not have anything other that a landing page that says under construction.
Are they going out of business?

I did a job for them March 2, 2019. I’ve tried following up for payment, but no one answers the phone, no one responds to voicemail or email.

Email the lending officer and title officer saying you have not been paid for services rendered as public official and you intend to lodge complaint with relevant authorities in banking and insurance and if advised by lawyer, place a mechanics lien on the property. This will get them shaken up and you will get the payment next day or within couple of hours.
Doing business with them again be damned. !! This is not a legal advise, but what I have done and gotten payment next day for amounts owed for as high as $1400.

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