Premier Lender Services

I completed a signing for them February of this year. It has now been almost two months and I have not received payment. They will not return phone calls or answer emails. I sent several reminders and still no answer from accounting, owner, or the agent who contacted me. This was my one and now last signing with this company. Notaries beware if you’ve never done business with PLS.

I received a lot of work mostly reverse mortgage applications. I was worried due to I not being able to find a website for them. They also don’t have a standard form to signup as a notary. I was told to email them my commission, insurance, and w9. I sent it attached by forwarding it to a confirmation email. I did receive a check 30 days later. It was made out to me.

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Doing a Search on Notary Café can provide helpful info for possible options for action to take, Melvin. Search for phrases like: late payment, collection, paid on time, missing payments, etc.

Here are a couple of urls that you may assist you in your endeavors to collect your fees: