Premier Notary in Port St Lucie, FL

I did a signing for Premier Notary in November 2020. The borrowers refused to sign. I was promised a trip/print fee which I never got. I have sent MANY emails and only get the voicemail when I call accounting. They haven’t responded. I have reported them to BBB. Stay away from Premier Notary!

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Premier Notary Signing LLC is really struggling in 2021 apparently. I could tell by how frustrated the lady was with me on the phone today that I wouldn’t accept her buyer package signing with scan backs for $75. I told her my fee $125 that’s listed on the Signing Order website and boy, she got real angry. She responded that I’ve been “blacklisted” 10 times by agencies on the SO website threatening she will also for not accepting her signing. If what she claims is true, the reason for any complaints is the SO site provides a system of text blasted offers to notaries through the SO system. Many times I don’t accept the agency low fees responding with my fee. They don’t like that I let them know my fee so some agencies probably complained. I was asked to join by a title company early this year.

When I sent an email to Premier explaining why San Francisco is a different market with a high cost of living she wouldn’t have any of complaining she hardly makes any money on the signings. Well, that’s her problem, not mine. She also sent a cc of her defamatory email to the NNA accusing me of all kinds of lies. She is nameless, never provided her name with the Premier LLC business signature block and is not someone I’d trust at all. People who behave like this willing to lie this way in writing are desperate souls not right with God.