Premium accounts

Is worth it to pay for premium accounts with
123 notary, Notary Café and Notary rotary, or just do the basic sign ups. I am eager to start working.

You have to decide if it’s “worth it.” Premium memberships do not guarantee business, they only guarantee exposure. If you are a newbie with little or no experience even with premium memberships you still may not get calls because you have no proven track record. Will it fit in your budget? Do other notaries get business through premium membership with a particular company? I say give it a shot IF you can afford it.
I tell people all the time that this a “catch 22” business. If you dont have prior mortgage / title / real estate experience or someone willing to be your mentor you wont be able to get experience because no one will hire you, but no one will hire you because you dont have experience.
I will also say Notary Cafe is the only premium membership Ive ever paid for and used, and Ive been doing this since 2007.

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I get a lot of calls who say they found me on 123 notary.

I have gotten some of my best jobs from Notary Cafe…just saying.

Read the reviews about 123 Notary Premium before you pay. Ripoff Report has an article and has a petition. Some other disturbing posts about them. link The choice is yours ultimately.

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