Prestige Notaries of Everett WA. Going, going

Finally got paid on April 12 for a signing completed in January… and the check bounced.

They have never been my favorite company - low fees, hand delivery to title offices at completion with no additional compensation, slow pay around 45 days - but I’m thinking that perhaps they are coming to the end of their run.

One less signing service.

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Except that Prestige/Notary Dash is forking out thousands to be an NNA sponsor in MO next month…that’s where Notaries’ Fees are going first, not to the notary who rocks their boat.

We’ll see, I suppose. Doesn’t do much good to spend huge bucks on a notary event, if you stiff the notaries you recruit.

DId you find out why their check bounced? Tell them you can only accept a Certified check or Zelle money transfer. Tell then to provide a tackintg# on the replacement payment.

Last year at the NNA in Henderson NV , there were a group of notaries in Prestige Notary’s booth, shaking their fists and giving it’s owner a hard time…suppose it might have been no payment issues or rubber checks?

Seems counterproductive to run your business in this fashion and spend money sponsoring the NNA to get business. But Prestige Notaries isn’t the only one.

I can see no good reason to throw money on their annual conventions if this is the kind of company they allow in their doors. It’s all about money for them. No ethics or principles.

I did a few signings with them last year. After hounding them for payment on those signings I decided not to work with them again. They are on Notary Dash sending out cattle calls there.

I did get a replacement check pretty quickly - possibly because of the prompt Notary responses to my initial post. The replacement has cleared. Thank you all for your good advice, and for proving that we do communicate with each other.

Wow. I have been signing with Notary Dash for a while and I never had a problem. Even when I didn’t get a payment they replaced it right away.

I’m sorry y’all have not so good stories but if you ask me I would give them high marks.

I have done many with them and I forgot to send an invoice. I did so and got paid for the previous two months of work and one from Sep of last year that I forgot to send an invoice for.
I will say I do not like delivering docs but you dont have to accept if you dont want to.
Overall I would give them a thumbs up and give them a try.

They are pretty slow to pay. On, 11/14/19, I followed up on my payment for a signing completed on 10/17/19 and was told that they had not received payment from their client (title company or lender). My thoughts are that I completed the task you requested, you should go ahead and pay me. I could even understand if they said they would issue payment within 30 days of completion (still a long time.) Here’s the response I got back from the owner, Elaine. Not really feeling the tone of the email.

"Our Terms of Service explain in detail all our payment procedures. Nobody ever reads them. I have attached them again. Please take the time to review them.

You agreed to our terms when you accepted the signing.

Payment will be advanced to you 12/13 at the latest. If the client pays before then, payment will automatically be advanced to you then. If they never pay us you will still be paid by 12/13."

How do we know whether the client has paid them or not? Well tomorrow’s the big day. Hoping to get a check in the mail soon.

By the way, I did complete one signing with them last year and I did get paid. I can’t remember the turnaround time, but they did pay.

So I like to be fair so I wanted to follow-up on my previous post. Prestige Notaries paid me for the signings I completed. Signings and payments were as follows:

-Signing completed on 10/17/19. Paid on 12/13/19
-Signing completed on 12/06/19. Paid on 12/27/19

Moral of the story… they do pay. One thing I would advise is to get the details of the signing before you accept it. They send a notification asking for your availability, you say yes you’re available and the next thing you know, they have assigned it to you. Get specifics such as how many signers, how many pages, whether or not a witness needed, etc. Their initial request will usually state whether or not scanbacks are needed. Just get the details up front so that you can request a fair price. That’s all I got. Hope it helps!

Hello, new signing agent here! I recently received two signings from this company. I responded with a reasonable request in regards to their 60 day payment terms:

“In these times of uncertainty, you payment terms of 60 days to receive payment for services immediately provided is not ideal for my business right now. If the payment terms can be negotiated, I can be available.”

I need the work but the service is being provided immediately and if it is over Net 30 days I don’t think I’ll be accepting the assignment.

Good for you! Companies like Prestige are paid out of escrow at closing, generally immediately after the deed is registered - 5 to 7 days after signing. I can understand requiring an additional 3 or 4 days to batch payments - thereby paying within 14 or 15 days after signing. But 60 days? That is simply ridiculous. Can I tell Office Depot “Hey, I’ll pay for that paper in 60 days.” Can I tell the gas station, “I’ll be back in May to pay you.” Why do some signing companies feel it is acceptable to ask us to extend credit to them? “Here, do this signing for us… 60 days same-as-cash”.

Prestige/Notary Dash is the worst of the worst! Jennifer the owner is very unprofessional and I never got paid for a closing! I was a newbie back in 2019 and I missed a deadline for drops due to inclement weather. If I wasn’t able to let negativity and someone downright berated and calling me everything but a child of God, I would have quit the game back then. But I didn’t let her harsh and mean words get me down and I still completed the job to the best of my abilities. Beware newbies! They are by far the worst to work with!


I really dislike them as well I received payment 2.5 months later.

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havent had one problem getting paid on time
never did

Prestige was the first signing service I signed up with six years ago. I still work with them on occasion. I don’t have a negative opinion of the company, it’s owner (Jennifer) or any of it’s staff. Yes, they take a bit longer than 30 days to pay sometimes. But, whenever I’ve brought to their attention that I have an invoice outstanding, they correct it right away. Sorry your experience has been different. But, I have definitely worked with worse.

I too have had nothing but a good experience with them. Everyone working at Prestige Notaries have been awesome to work with. I’ve been getting paid on average between 30-45 days and I haven’t had to ask once about when I’ll get paid. I too am sorry if you had a bad experience but I’ve had nothing but a great experience with them.

That’s interesting. I’m a new NSA. I completed a signing for them back on January 14, 2022–I invoiced them on January 17, 2022. Since then, I called and emailed several times to get information unrelated to payment and they have yet to return any calls or respond to any of my emails. I’m not sure if I made an error and was blacklisted as a result (which I can accept), but in one of my emails, I specifically asked them if that was the case; however, I still received no response. I sent them a follow up email regarding the receipt and tentative payment of my invoice today. Hopefully they respond or at the very least hurry and render payment in the next couple of weeks so I can sever that relationship.