Prices for Texas

As a new signing agent can someone tell me the prices for signings and notaries in Texas? I hear there is a max but I have not located it anywhere!

Here is the link to your handbook for notary fees

When doing a loan signing you need to factor in printing, travel, time, and miscellaneous other line items like cell phone, wear and tear and vehicle and equipment, taxes, overhead etc etc . - come up with a business plan that will pay you well enough per signing to sustain both you personally and your business.

In addition, in Texas, you need to be on the lookout for those loans that need to be closed in an attorney’s office or a title company office (HELOCs and cash-out loans) - that’s an additional fee you need to charge as you’ll have to pay for the office space. Also know that, by Texas law with regard to these loans, the signers are to be provided a copy of the signed package - not a blank one but a signed one.

In other words, you have a LOT of logistics to work out. There’s a FB group for Texas notaries run by Brenda Stone - you should look into joining that as she is just brilliant and, from what I’ve heard, you will get a lot of Texas-specific information in that group.

Good luck to you

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Thank you so much Ms.Linda